The Budges of Trotternish – Isle of Skye

The Budges of Skye are descended from a very old Caithness family, who settled originally on the lands of Toftingall, Caithness, (Mainland – Scotland ) around the 14th or 15th century.
According to Hugh MacDonald, a Skye senachie (historian) to the House of Sleat, who wrote in the reign of Charles II, the Budges came into Scotland from Ireland, as part of the dowry of Margaret, daughter of Guy O’Kane, an Irish chieftain, when she married Angus Og of Islay, the friend of Robert Bruce. Her ” tocher” or dowry consisted of 140 men of different surnames from her father’s kingdom. Listed among these are the “Butikes,” Budges in Caithness of whom is the “Laird of Tolingail” Toftingall. The MacDonald senachie names other well-known families as part of the dowry, such as the Munroes, Fearns, Dingwalls, Beatons and others. All these received lands in different parts of Scotland, and some became Highland Clans. The descendants of these Irish men are known to this day in the Highlands as “Tochradh Nighean a’Chathanaich” (The dowry of the daughter of O’Cathan).
The premier Budge line held the lands of Toftingall from the 15th century until the middle of the 18th century, when the last male, William Budge of Toftingall died. The estate then past to two unmarried daughters. On their death it passed to William’s niece, who married Sir Stuart Threipland of Fingask, Perthshire. Since then the estates have been held by the Budge-Murray-Threiplands.
The following coat of arms was recorded in the Public Register of all Arms and Bearings in Scotland Vol,I, folio 119, on 8th February 1703 in the name of Donald Budge of Toftingall.
Arms     –     Azure Lion Passant Argent

Crest     –     A Hand holding a dagger proper

Motto    –     Stricta Parata Neci ( I am prepared to destroy all that is evil )

FAMILY LINE  from Donald Budge, (Croft Studio) to William Budge

William Budge,

The first of this name in Skye was descended from the well known Budge family of Toftingall, Caithness, who were granted a charter to their lands about 1403. Tradition says that William Budge belonged to a volunteer regiment, and that on one occasion when the regiment was mobilized, a cannon had been damaged and required repair. On being told that there was a young blacksmith and armourer in the regiment Colonel MacDonald of Lyndale, Skye sent for William Budge.  MacDonald told him he needed such a person as he on his estate in Skye back in, so William consented to go with him as a blacksmith, and was given the lands of Balgown in Kilmuir, Trotternish, Skye. These lands were formerly held by the MacRurys, who were the hereditary smiths and armourers in Trotternish, first to the Lords of the Isles, then to the House of Sleat. These smiths held their lands free and in “virtue of that heritage and tenure were persons of importance”. Unfortunately we do not know a great deal about William, except he came to Skye sometime before 1790 and married a Skye lady, Christine MacDonald. They had at least three children.

James Budge – Born 1791 died 1889

James the eldest son of William Budge and Christine MacDonald.

Succeeded his father as farmer and blacksmith. He married Margaret MacDonald born 1791, died 1872, at Borve Skye, the daughter of Ronald MacDonald, tacksman of Cnocowe.
According to the Public Record Office, London. James served as a drummer from 1808-1811 in the Mugstodt Company of the North Battalion, Isle of Skye Volunteer Infantry. This battalion was formed at the time of the Napoleonic Wars.
James was musical and played on several instruments. At a grand feast on the coming of age of John Norman MacLeod XXIX Chief of the MacLeods of Dunvegan, in 1809, James Budge was acclaimed the best violinist. He was also a bard and some of his songs have survived. 
They had eight children, William the eldest died unmarried.

Donald Budge – Born 1825 died 1884

Donald the second son of James Budge and Margaret MacDonald.

Followed his father as blacksmith and tenant. He was born in 1825 and died in Kilvaxter in 1884. He married Ann Lamont of Kilmuir, daughter of John Lamont and his wife Peggy MacPhie.

They had ten children. Donald was the eldest.

Donald Budge – Born 1859 died July 1927

Donald eldest son of Donald Budge and Margaret Lamont.

Buried in Dunvegan, Isle of Skye.

Before taking over the Dunvegan Hotel in 1910, he was superintendent of agents with the Prudential Assurance Company in Glasgow and later for Barra, North and South Uist and Skye. He was an elder in the church and took a prominent part in both church and community affairs. The family retained the Dunvegan Hotel from 1910 until 1946.He married twice first to Isabella Nora Henderson, after she died, Donald remarried (1906) Margaret Steele born 1574 died July 1963. She was the daughter of Roderick Steele, master joiner, Dunvegan and his wife Margaret MacLean. These Steeles are descended from George Steele, the landscape gardener, who laid out the gardens at Dunvegan Castle, and the waterfall in 1686 for “Ian Breac” John MacLeod of MacLeod 19th chief.

There were three children from this marriage – Roderick – Mary and Neil

Roderick Steele Budge – Born 1908 died November 1978

Roderick eldest son of Donald Budge and Margaret Steele.

Buried Dunvegan, Isle of Skye

For some years he was with his mother in the family business in Dunvegan Hotel. Served as an engineer in the Merchant Navy in World War II, later in the Civil Service in Oxfordshire. Married in 1945 Daisy Edna Jepson, art teacher, daughter of Albert Jepson and his wife Blanche Wade, Leeds, England. Roderick retired to Dunvegan where Daisy started the Croft Studio in 1968. He was elected in May 1970 to represent east Duirinish, Skye in the Inverness County Council. In 1974 he was elected to the Skye and Lochalsh District Council, and appointed chairman of the Council.

There was one child – Donald.

Donald Budge – Born 1946

Donald only son of Roderick Budge and Daisy E Jepson

Married to Pamela Denise Mead daughter of Albert Victor Mead and Frances Elizabeth Hollingsworth. Before moving home to Skye in 1978 Donald spent most of working life involved with print.
He was the Originator, Motivator and co-ordinator of the erection of the Duirinish Stone. Which was Duirinish Communities way of marking the Millennium.

There was one child- Donald

Donald Budge – Born 1978

Donald only son of Donald Budge and Pamela Mead

Born, educated and working on Skye


Taken from 

The Budges of Skye (1975) 
Eleanor Melchior Budge of Virginia, U.S.A.
Wife of Rev Donald Budge – Dunvegan  (1894-1978)